12 Kilometers Trailer Design (Student Project)

The Brief: 12 Kilometers is a horror film directed by Mike Pecci. It was recently accepted into the Boston Film Festival, which requires a theatrical trailer for the film. The trailer has been cut, but it needs to be spiced up with some design. Specifically, the opening title card and end card need to be designed and show a transition from graphics to footage and back.

Requirements: Design Boards showing the opening Title Card, transition to footage, a couple of full frame shots from trailer, a tradition frame, and end card. The end card must use the film’s logo, and feature ‘A Film by Mike Pecci’, and the URL 12kilometers.com

Design by Pete Maric

This work was created as a homework assignment for the Design Bootcamp course from School of Motion, Inc. All work is speculative, and created for educational purposes.

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12 Kilometers Trailer Design

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