Wrapping Up 2014

Wrapping Up 2014

2014 was a great year for Triplet 3D! We had the privilege of working with many great companies from all over the United States, from The Aldrich Museum in Connecticut to the Clinics of North Texas in Wichita Falls, Texas, and also right here in Ohio with the Four Season IV in Beachwood and the historic Agora Ballroom. Aside from the new projects, Triplet 3D exhibited at the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, AIA Conference in Kent, Ohio, and created fun artwork for the Life and a Sharpie show in Cleveland.

In May of this year, I was excited when Pete asked me to come work for Triplet 3D as a marketing intern. I’ve really enjoyed working on the social media marketing for the company, writing blog posts, and learning more about the company and 3D Design. I also got the chance to attend the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival in August, which I really enjoyed, especially because all of the gig posters on the wall (some of my favorite art!)


Four Seasons Visualizations

One of the first projects this year was the Four Seasons Visualizations. These 3D visualizations were created for Goldberg Companies for print and online marketing of the Four Seasons IV, a modern and luxurious apartment complex in Beachwood, Ohio. The clients were super organized and provided all the floor plans, elevations, and details to get started, making this a great project to work on. When this project was commissioned, the construction of the building was already underway. Before getting started, Pete walked the site with the clients, taking reference photos from inside the construction site and from adjacent buildings rooftops in order to get familiar with the site and architectural details. It’s not too often that you receive detailed plans up front and the option to walk a site before starting a project. With so much information to work with, the project was going to turn out fantastic.

From start to finish, the project took about 2 months to finish, which included 7 3D visualizations total. This time frame included concept development for the overall look and feel of the visualizations, as well as client revisions. The architect on this project was KA Inc., an architectural firm that specializes in commercial real estate markets, with a passion for design and creativity.

01_Four Seasons IV_Triplet 3D

The Agora Ballroom

Pete met with the project team to discuss the plans for the future renovation of The Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time of the meeting, there weren’t any architectural plans developed, so he listened to their ideas and drew rough sketches for reference for the renovation of the old building. Hank Loconti and Jay Boland gave Pete a guided tour of the Agora site and all of the buildings associated with the renovation project. Relying on detailed notes, rough sketches, and multiple photographic references, Pete began work on the renovation presentation.

The presentation turned into a photo illustration, which used photographs shot at multiple angles to compose the image in Photoshop. After the photos were stitched together, the design elements (poster cases, light fixtures, and fence) were 3D modeled and composited into the photograph. Once all the architectural details were in place, the final touches were added to the illustration with a nighttime scene, light glows on the fixtures and windows, subtle reflections on the street, and entourage. Renovations to the existing building include new signage, the addition of a second floor restaurant/grille, new poster cases, exterior light fixtures, and Hollywood-style walk of fame on the sidewalk.

02_Agora Ballroom_Triplet 3D

The Aldrich Museum

Triplet 3D was commissioned to create illustrations for Michael Joo Studio for two museum installations at the Aldrich Museum in Connecticut.

The first illustration depicted an inverted CNC’d plaster topography recessed into the ceiling, a few feet in diameter. Emanating from the hole in the center is a laser and dust, which pass through a hole into the floor. Near this main topography are two others, but without the hole or the laser.

The second illustration depicted a large marble cube, comprised of four sides, each made up of two stacked slabs of marble. The sides are formed by slabs supported by metal structures, resembling industrial rack systems. The cube itself is very large, as each side is 10’ x 10’, making it approximately 11’ x 12’ after accounting for gaps in the slabs. The interior space of the cube can be entered, and the top surface of the cube is a cast of an actual surface landscape (i.e. lumpy, rocky, with bits of plant life.) The art was named Drift, and was on exhibit from April 6 to September 21, 2014.


03_Aldrich Museum_Triplet 3D

Clinics of North Texas Animation

Another fun project Triplet 3D had the pleasure to work on was with Hoegger Communications (http://hoeggercommunications.com), an Addy Award winning marketing and advertising agency based in Wichita Falls, Texas. Hoegger Communications approached Triplet 3D looking to create a fun 30-second commercial for Clinics of North Texas. The client provided the script, voiceover, and music, and let Triplet 3D take care of the rest.

Triplet 3D’s responsibilities included modeling the 3D environment, rigging the skeletons/skin, animating the characters, and post-production compositing. One of the main focuses early in the project was getting the x-ray material correct so the skeletons became the primary focus and the environment second. This was achieved by duplicating the skeletons x-ray material, then adjusting the settings so the environment was more transparent and darker than the characters.

The commercial aired on television in mid-December. And the best part, no skeletons were harmed in the making of the commercial.

Watch the animation: https://vimeo.com/114574746

04_Clinics of North Texas_Triplet 3D


Life and a Sharpie Show

The Life and a Sharpie Show was held on May 16, 2014 at e11even 2 Gallery in Cleveland. Being a part of the Life and a Sharpie group show gave Pete the opportunity to try some new techniques and experiment with a medium he does not normally use in his day-to-day work. The guidelines were simple; each artist receives an old Life Magazine and has to incorporate images from it with illustration via a black marker.

Read more about the artwork here: http://www.triplet3d.com/life-and-a-sharpie

WMC Fest

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is one of the top graphic design conferences in the U.S., presented by Go Media in Cleveland, Ohio. WMC Fest 5 was held this past August at the Cleveland Public Theatre. Triplet 3D had the opportunity to be a sponsor and vendor at the festival. A lot of great speakers, artists, workshops, and more made this years festival great to attend.


AIA Ohio Convention

Triplet 3D exhibited at the AIA Ohio Convention this past September at Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center in Kent, Ohio. Over 230 architects and associate architects attended the event, which included 28 different breakout educational sessions, four keynote design speakers, an exhibit hall and networking/social events.


Looking Forward to 2015

After a great 2014, Triplet 3D is looking forward to an even better 2015. We kick off the year as an exhibitor Comic Con Cleveland on February 20-22. We’re excited for new projects, events, and whatever else the year has in store for us.

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