Tutorial: Sketch and Toon | Cel Rendering in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial you will learn the process for rendering various line types using Sketch and Toon and the Cel Renderer in Cinema 4D. Starting with the Cel Render effect, profile and edge renders will be created.

Using the Sketch and Toon effect, you will learn how to set up hidden line renders to be able to see all edges of the geometry. At this point we’ll set up a multi-pass render so we have shadows to work with in the final composite.

In Photoshop, you will learn post-production compositing techniques for combining all renders and creating additional construction lines.

I’d like to thank Randy Geske (www.randygeske.com) for his help with setting up the sketch and toon hidden line render. Check out Randy’s blog post here: http://randygeske.com/blog/archives/557.

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