Form Explorations

Form Explorations | Jan 26. 2015

These pieces are from a new series I started that combines 3D visualization and illustration techniques using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. My process for these designs is simple: open Cinema 4D and start playing while thinking about some aspect of art that I want to explore; line quality, form language, composition, etc. Using automatic drawing in 3D and just starting to model and see where the design ends up.

The process, discovery, and freedom are really what these pieces are about. Without using plans, sketches, or preconceived ideas allows for each piece to become whatever it wants, whether playful, upbeat, sad, subdued, colorful, monochromatic, etc. It is a stream of consciousness approach to making art. The end result is important, but exploration and discovery of new techniques is the reason I am creating this work.

I am approaching these form explorations as a musician approaches practicing scales, modes or chord inversions. It is a daily exercise in form and technique that will hopefully trickle down into my daily skill set. The difference is in the process of exploring an abstract form, color palette, or compositional rule, a piece of art is produced as the end result.

I will post new pieces as I complete them.


Untitled 1


Detail 1


Detail 2


Untitled 2


Detail 1


Detail 2

About the author

Hi, I’m Pete Maric. I grew up in Cleveland and graduated from CIA. After freelancing for a number of years, I launched Triplet 3D in 2013. I am interested in anything design related, from architecture to animation and am inspired by good books, progressive ideas, art and music. I also play guitar and gig regularly in the Cleveland area.

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  • 9 years ago · Reply

    The detail of these works are very beautiful! I love that they remind me of living, breathing graffiti. Great work, Pete!


    • Pete Maric Author
      9 years ago · Reply

      Thank you Rachel! I’ll be posting more very soon.

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