Cinema 4D Tutorials: Objects and Modeling Modes

In this 2nd episode of intro to Cinema 4D Tutorials, you’ll learn about objects and modeling modes. The topics that will be covered are objects (parametric primitives), attributes, the make editable function, selection methods, line, edge, and polygon modes. 

Parametric Primitives

Parametric primitive means that the object does not have points or surfaces that you can manipulate. Using objects in their parametric primitive state means that you can adjust the parameter values of an object, such as height or radius, at any time.

In the tutorial, you will learn how to add basic geometric shapes to your scene. Control the size, number of segments, orientation, and fillet edges in the attributes manager. Use the ‘render perfect’ setting to decrease the amount of polygons in your scene while maintaining the objects form in the renderer. Use the phong tag to control to appearance of your objects.

The Make Editable Function

Using the ‘make editable’ function on a parametric primitive will give you access to the objects points, edges, and polygons.

Point, Edge, and Polygon Modes

To manipulate an object’s geometry, use the point, edge, or polygon modes in conjunction with a selection tool. Use the feature ‘only select visible elements’ to efficiently select points, edges, or polygons of your object. 

Learn the difference between the selection modes normal and soft. Learn how to use extrude, extrude inner, matrix extrude, knife tool, and the bridge tools.

Hope you enjoy this episode of intro to Cinema 4D tutorials. If you have any questions about any specific objects or modeling mode features, insights that you would like to share, or tutorials you like to see created, please leave a comment below.

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