Cinema 4D Tutorials: Environment Tools

In this 6th episode of intro to Cinema 4D Tutorials, you’ll learn how the environment tools work. The tools that will be covered are the floor, sky, environment, foreground, background, stage, physical sky, cloud tool, and cloud object. I will also demonstrate how to use fog and two methods for creating volumetric clouds within the physical sky object.

Floor Object

Learn the difference between a floor object and a plane and how they affect the rendering.


Environment Object

Learn to pick an environment color and control it’s strength

Add fog to your scene and control its attributes: color, strength, and distance.


Foreground Object

Set up a graphic image to use as a logo on your renders.

Set up the render settings for the correct aspect ratio between your graphic and final output.

Use the alpha channel in the material editor to knock out the background of your logo.

Water mark your images and control the watermarks transparency.


Background Object

Use a photograph to create a background in Cinema 4D

Set up the render settings for the correct aspect ratio between your photograph and final output.

Use simple gradients for seamless backgrounds.


Stage Object

Learn how to set up a simple camera animation using 3 cameras and use the stage object to switch between your cameras.


Sky Object

Learn how to light your scene using a sky object and an HDRI image.

Learn about the physical sky object and how to adjust its attributes.


Cloud Tool

Learn how to create volumetric clouds in Cinema 4D using the cloud tool.

Learn to use primitives to control the shape of your cloud formations.


Hope you enjoy this episode of intro to Cinema 4D tutorials. If you have any questions about any specific camera features, insights that you’d like to share, or tutorials you like to see created, please leave a comment below.

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