Animating with Deformers in Cinema 4D

Animating with Deformers in Cinema 4D

Let’s dance! Join Triplet 3D founder and Cinema 4D expert Pete Maric for a 120-minute in-depth animation tutorial.

In this course you will learn how to use deformers to animate simple dancing characters in Cinema 4D. By the end of these lessons, you will have the skills necessary to create a professional animation, complete with lighting and sound, using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

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You’ll learn the importance of:

3D Modeling

– Use simple parametric primitives to model basic characters for animation.

– Use the ‘make editable’ function in conjunction with extrusions to add detail to your characters.


– Use deformers to make the characters dance.

– Refine the characters movements using Cinema 4D’s dope sheet and timeline F-Curve editor.

– Animate cameras throughout the scene and learn to use the stage object to switch between cameras.


– Learn how to apply textures to the characters and environment

– Animating texture parameters


– Learn to use spot lights with the visibility and noise enabled to highlight the musicians.

– Use of fill lights for the dancers and disco balls.

– Spot lights with gobo effects animation using the ‘align to spline’ tag.

– Create rays of light using the MoGraph cloner, cylinders, and semi-transparent materials.

3D Rendering

– Learn about Cinema 4D’s render settings and how to export your 3D animation. Output, size, film aspect, frame range, save function/path, and anti-aliasing will be covered.

Post Production in After Effects

– Vignettes, masking, track mattes, color correction, noise, blur, and creating smoke effects using fractal noise.

Final Output

– Setting up the final render in After Effects, adding compression, sound, and specifying a file path.

Students should have at least a basic knowledge of Cinema 4D’s interface and tools for this course.

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