2023 Year in Review

2023 was an exciting year for Triplet 3D. We had the privilege of working with many great companies on a variety of interesting projects throughout the United States. Aside from the new projects, Triplet 3D published 4 introductory blog posts on using artificial intelligence within the creative workflow.

Check out our 2023 projects below.

Secure Recycling

Phase 1, concept development work for Secure Recycling’s office design. We’ve modernized the look and feel of their office to reflect their strategic vision, core values, and brand. The custom-crafted design solution will increase their efficiency, reduce their environmental impact, and make the workplace more attractive.

Private Residence Interiors , Willoughby Hills, Ohio

5 renderings for a new construction residential project in Willoughby, Ohio. The renderings gave the homeowner a visual representation of their material selections, helping them to make the best decision for their new home.

The Wild Goose

Storefront concepts for the Wild Goose Restaurant in Willoughby, Ohio. The designs included a new outdoor patio and seating area, accordion windows, and a color scheme to match the historic Sherwin Williams palette of downtown Willoughby.

Ninja Clip

Animation project for Ninja Clip used in a tabletop holographic viewer. The animation included the logo, ninja clip, and packaging and was displayed at a trade show to showcase the product’s features.

Hard Goods Models

3D models that were used for an augmented reality presentation. With the help of AR, consumers can experience products in a 3D space, giving them a more immersive and engaging experience.

Private Residence, Waite Hill, Ohio

Rendering for a new construction residential home in Waite Hill, Ohio created in collaboration with Joseph L. Myers Architects. The design is a beautiful blend of modern and traditional elements, creating a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Private Res, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Conceptual renderings for a proposed residential home in Willoughby Hills, Ohio. To bring this project to life we utilized a sketch to AI workflow with Procreate and Vizcom to quickly visualize the interior and exterior details, materials, and finishes. This workflow allowed us to instantly see the outcome and make informed design decisions.

Sculpture Renderings

We had the pleasure of working with local fine artist John Nativio on four renderings for a sculpture competition. His sculptures, made from both recycled and new copper, are intricate works of art. Our renderings showcased a buck, cougar, eagle, and panther sculptures in their potential home – the Heritage Center at Great Council State Park. We’re proud to have been a part of such a meaningful project. John’s work can be viewed here, https://www.johnnativio.com/ 


Recently completed cutaway illlustration used for a sales presentation that showcased paint coating products. The rendering allowed our client to demonstrate the advantages of their products to potential customers. 

AI Educational Resources

These resources provide an introduction to the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and are a great way to kickstart your learning journey. Check them out and get ready to expand your knowledge. 

The State of Artificial Intelligence

Creating 3D Models Using AI

Use Sketches as the Basis for Generating Concepts wit AI

Use your Architectural Models to Develop Concepts with AI

Looking Forward to 2024

After a great 2023, Triplet 3D is looking forward to an even better 2024. We’re excited for new projects, events, and whatever else the year has in store for us.

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