2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review

2015 brought steady growth for Triplet 3D. We had the privilege of working with many great companies on a variety of exciting projects. Everything from a motion graphics piece for a full-feature documentary about Back to the Future, explainer 3D animations, editorial illustrations, and a host of other projects from all over the United States. Aside from the new projects, Triplet 3D exhibited at Comic Con, Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, and spoke at an NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) event.


2015 Project Highlights


Hinkley Lighting

One of the first projects this year was for Hinkley Lighting. The illustration below is being used as a two-page spread to demonstrate Hinkley Lighting’s products and show how to use them to illuminate outdoor surfaces in their Landscape Lighting 101 catalog.

From start to finish the project took about 5 weeks to complete and included 9 total illustrations. This time frame included concept development for the overall look and feel of the architecture, line drawings, and renderings.

To view the full project: http://www.triplet3d.com/portfolio/lighting-made-simple-illustrations

Hinkley Lighting 101 Printed Catalog

Hinkley Lighting 101 Printed Catalog


Back in Time Animation

One of the most exciting projects of the year was for Back in Time Films creating an explainer video about the technology behind the hover board. Director Jason Aron is using the animation in a full-feature documentary about the movie Back to the Future.

The goal for the overall look/feel of this animation was to make it look somewhat trippy, with a 1950’s mad scientist vibe.

To view the full project: http://www.triplet3d.com/portfolio/back-to-the-future-animation

To learn more about the movie: http://backintimefilm.com/


Back in Time Documentary Closing Credits


RelateCare Explainer Animation

Another exciting animation project was for RelateCare, a healthcare consultancy and outsourcing organization that assists healthcare providers in improving and optimizing their patient access strategies.

Triplet 3D was commissioned to create an animation that combined character animation and motion graphics elements to explain RelateCare’s services. The project consisted of 7 unique 3D environments and 7 individual characters. Triplet 3D’s responsibilities included modeling the 3D environments, rigging the characters, texturing, lighting, animation, and post-production compositing.

To view the full project: http://www.triplet3d.com/portfolio/relatecare-explainer-animation

To learn more about RelateCare: http://relatecare.com/


RelateCare Explainer Animation


Architectural Illustrations

2015 saw plenty of architectural illustration work come in from Joseph L. Myers Architect, Blackrose, among others. Below are a few examples of work completed.

Blackrose is a NYC based visual communications agency with a fashion and lifestyle focus. To learn more about Blackrose: http://blackrosenyc.com/

Joseph L. Myers, Architect is a medium size firm located in Historic Downtown Willoughby and has provided architectural design services for over 20 years. To learn more, visit http://myersarchitect.com/.


DeJohn Funeral Home



Fioritto Family Dental Illustration


Form Explorations Series

These pieces are from a new series I started that combines 3D visualization and illustration techniques using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. The process, discovery, and freedom are really what these pieces are about. Without using plans, sketches, or preconceived ideas allows for each piece to become whatever it wants, whether playful, upbeat, sad, subdued, colorful, monochromatic, etc. It is a stream of consciousness approach to making art.

Art prints available at https://society6.com/petemaric


Form Explorations Series


Comic Con Cleveland

We had the pleasure of exhibiting at Wizard World’s Comic Con Cleveland from February 20-22 at the Cleveland Convention Center. It was our first time attending and exhibiting at Comic Con, and to be honest, we really did not know what to expect when we signed up for an artist’s alley booth.

Needless to say, the entire weekend was a blast. Upon entering the convention, we were greeted by Batman at the main entrance, and met dozens more Batman’s throughout the weekend, as well as the troublemaking duo Harley Quinn and The Joker. Hundreds of people attended, many dressed as their favorite comic, cartoon, and movie characters, including The Ghostbusters, The Avengers, Ninja Turtles, Darth Vader, Lord of the Rings, and countless others.

See you there again this year from February 26-28.


Comic Con Artists Alley Booth


WMC Fest

The Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is one of the top graphic design conferences in the U.S., presented by Go Media in Cleveland, Ohio. WMC Fest 6 was held this past August at the AllenTheatre. Triplet 3D had the opportunity to be a vendor at the festival. A lot of great speakers, artists, workshops, and more made this years festival great to attend.



Weapons of Mass Creation Fest | Ink Wars



After exhibiting at an AIA Ohio event in 2014, I met Amy Hewis who invited me to speak at an NAMIC (National Association of Women in Construction) event. NAWIC provides its members with opportunities for professional development, education, networking, leadership training, public service and more.

To learn more: http://www.nawic.org/


Giving Back

Triplet 3D loves to help fellow creative individuals, entrepreneurs and see great work get produced. We donate to projects that we love. Here’s a glimpse on some of the projects we’ve helped fund:

  1. Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar- A Documentary
  2. The Godfathers of Hardcore
  3. Ruby Magazine 
  4. Thousand: Finally a bike helmet you’d actually want to wear



Looking Forward to 2016

After a great 2015, Triplet 3D is looking forward to an even better 2016. We kick off the year as an exhibitor Comic Con Cleveland on February 26-28. We’re excited for new projects, events, and whatever else the year has in store for us.


About the author

Hi, I’m Pete Maric. I grew up in Cleveland and graduated from CIA. After freelancing for a number of years, I launched Triplet 3D in 2013. I am interested in anything design related, from architecture to animation and am inspired by good books, progressive ideas, art and music. I also play guitar and gig regularly in the Cleveland area.

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