Walmart Booth Experience and Design

The Brief: Create an engaging, booth environment at a College Year Spring Break event in Los Angeles. Booth to convey excitement and inspiration and be top of mind for students who are thinking about the transition to college.

Triplet 3D teamed up with Publicis Experiences to design and render the 20’ x 10’ booth. The booth plays on the idea of “what’s in the box’?” with a design that replicates a large-scale box made of cardboard, inviting attendees to step inside and experience delight, surprise, and rewards.

The booth experience includes 3 main components; Box Films/Costumes, Photo Op, and What’s in the Box Game and Prizes.

Concept Development Sketches


Walmart Booth Concept 01


Walmart Booth Concept 02


Walmart Booth Concept 03


Walmart Both Concept 04



Walmart_01_Triplet 3D

Walmart Booth View 01

Walmart_02_Triplet 3D

Walmart Booth View 02

Walmart_03_Triplet 3D

Walmart Booth View 03

Walmart Booth Experience and Design

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