Mystral Guitar Duo Bumpers

This project involved creating three bumper concepts for Mystral Guitar Duo. The word ‘Mystral’ is a fusion between Mistral, the wind that sweeps across southern France immortalized in the paintings of Van Gogh and the mystery of musical creation and performance. While creating these bumpers, the ideas of wind and nature were incorporated into the visuals.

Mystral Guitar Duo is Pete Maric and Rich Holsworth. Together they bring sixty-four years of guitar playing experience to the stage. Their repertoire brings together diverse genres to create an exciting performance encompassing jazz, Latin American, classical and rock styles. From smooth flowing jazz harmonies to exciting tango and gypsy rhythms Mystral brings a world of composed and improvised music to the stage.

Music: Endymion by Rich Holsworth

Mystral Guitar Duo Bumper Concepts