Lincoln Electric – Prism Fume Extraction Animation

This project was created for Lincoln Electric showing their Torchmate 5100, Prism 4, and Prism 8 products. The animation explains how contaminated airflow is pulled through the Torchmate 5100 welding table, into the Prism 4, a low volume extraction system, then cleaned by the unit’s filters. The Prism also performs a self-cleaning operation by blowing guts of air from the top of the unit to clean particulate from the filters.

The Prism fume extraction system is a reduced-footprint fan/filtration unit combination designed with robotic welding and plasma cutting systems in mind. The 4-bank vertically positioned filter configuration can provide extraction capacity for any automated system equipped with a hood or can easily connect to plasma cutting tables. The vertical positioning of the filters are proven to be more efficient and easier to clean than horizontally-aligned filters.

Lincoln Electric_Fume_01

Lincoln Electric_Fume_02

Lincoln Electric_Fume_03

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Lincoln Electric_Fume_05

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Lincoln Electric - Prism Fume Extraction Animation

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    Lincoln Electric
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