Lighting Made Simple Illustrations

This series of architectural illustrations was created for Hinkley Lighting’s, Lighting Made Simple publication.

The first illustration (Landscape Lighting 101) will be used as a two-page spread to demonstrate Hinkley Lighting’s products and show how to use them to illuminate outdoor surfaces. Based on input from Hinkley’s Art Director, Triplet 3D designed the architecture, laid-out the composition and decided on a final view that would clearly illustrate the manufacturer’s products.

Elements that were to be included were teak wood, concrete materials, metal window frames, second story walkout balcony, partially covered and outdoor living space, fire pit, pool, seating area, dining space, back door that shows indoor kitchen/dining, architectural wall, and pro series transformer.

The techniques illustrations below are used to demonstrate specific lighting treatments on outdoor surfaces.

Printed Catalog

Printed Catalog

Lighting 101_02

Printed Catalog


Printed Catalog


Printed Catalog

Rough Design Sketch

Rough Design Sketch

01_Hinkley_Detail 1

Landscape Lighting 101 Detail

01_Hinkley_Detail 2

Landscape Lighting 101 Detail 2


Techniques Illustrations

Step and Deck Lighting

Step and brick lights can be used in masonry and wood constructions. These fixtures are specifically designed to provide safety and accent lighting. For the effect shown here, a surface mounted deck sconce is placed on the wall above each step to illuminate a safe entryway to the deck. A soft glow is created under the bench to create a warm atmosphere for seating in this outdoor area.

02_Step & Deck_Technique

Step & Deck Technique


Uplighting refers to illuminating an object, area, or surface from below. For the effect shown here, a spotlight is aimed at the tree in the foreground while the front of the home remains relatively dark. This method creates a focal point in the landscape.


Uplighting Technique

Wall Washing

Wall washing is a technique that refers to the general illumination of a wall or surface. For the effect shown here, spotlights are placed along the front of the home to create a soft wash of light. This technique softens shadows.

05_Wall Washing_Technique

Wall Washing Technique


Grazing emphasizes a textured surface (such as a tree trunk, a stone wall, climbing ivy, etc.) by placing a light source within one foot of that surface and aiming the light beam parallel to that surface. For the effect shown here, spotlights are placed beneath each stone pillar to create shadows and dimension, complimenting the homes entryway.


Grazing Technique


Lighting Made Simple Illustrations

  • Date:
    April, 2015
  • Client:
    Hinkley Lighting
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