Animated Circle Bursts in After Effects

For the past several weeks I’ve been getting back into doing my daily creative explorations. Instead of doing one drawing a day, I am focusing on learning more about Adobe After Effects. I spent between 45 minutes to an hour a day for 2 weeks to create these animated circle bursts.

The main functions I’ve been playing around with are shape layers and animating their properties; size, scale, rotation, stroke width, and opacity. From there, I added a repeater to each shape and made duplicates in a radial fashion. I added an easy easy to each keyframe and played with the graph editor curves to create more visually appealing motion.

This is a pretty straight-forward technique that can yield really beautiful results. To learn how to create these circle bursts I checked out tutorials by and  ECAbrams,

Sound File: Reflex Rhythm by Loopmasters

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Hi, I’m Pete Maric. I grew up in Cleveland and graduated from CIA. After freelancing for a number of years, I launched Triplet 3D in 2013. I am interested in anything design related, from architecture to animation and am inspired by good books, progressive ideas, art and music. I also play guitar and gig regularly in the Cleveland area.

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