The 10 Best Cinema 4D Plug-ins

The 10 Best Cinema 4D Plug-ins

Here, we have a list of some of our favorite Cinema 4D Plug-ins. Although there are plenty more where this came from, we decided to narrow it down and give you a little summary of the plug-ins’ main features.

  • DEM Earth: By using DEM Earth, you can produce landscapes that are interactive. DEM Earth will download the data to build your desired model. You can also animate and place anything the way you would like. Once you provide a geographic coordinate, it will do its job. We use and love this plug-in.


  • LAZ Point: LAZPoint lets you create clouds when hooked up with DEM Earth. It’s a unique plug-in, due to the fact that it is so easy to use. Your clouds can be created in multiple colors, as well.


  • Voxygen: Voxygen in a generator which is used worldwide! It’s easy to use—and pretty fast. Voxygen uses “Voxels”, which are tiny particles which help you keep up your pace. It transfers UV coordinates onto voxels. It is the fastest Voxelizer.


  • Vector Pro: The Vector Pro is a new generator. This plug-in produces outlines. This generator also produces very professional outcomes when compared to others. It includes filtering options, smoothing options, output splines, polygons, and objects. Vector Pro vectorizes shaders, movies, and images when used.


  • Topology Vertex Maps: Topology Vertex Maps are excellent maps when it comes to shading and modifying. This generates amazing maps that are also very unique.


  • Topcoat: Topcoat is used just the way it sounds. It is a texturing plug-in that creates reflectance to your scene. It’s very easy to create, and pleasing to the eye once completed! It’s just as if you are adding a top-coat to make it shiny and realistic. Great for finishing touches!


  • Light Kit Pro: Light Kit Pro allows you to light up your scene. With this plug-in, you can create spotlights, ring lights, and realistic soft boxes. Light Kit Pro lets your scene/animation come alive!


  • Texture Kit: The Texture Kit Pro includes over 600 materials and textures for you to use in your project. It is definitely a very professional plug-in. This includes Mograph Style Textures, Hair Presets, and more. The materials are created by Cinema 4D artists.


  • City Kit: Using City Kit is the easiest way to build your own city scape with a touch of your own imagination. You are able to create any shape or size desired when using this plug-in. It also includes lights, windows, color, and more.


  • X-Particles: Last, but not least, we have X-Particles. This is an outstanding plug-in that lets you create beautiful effects in a fun and easy manner. You can create millions of particles at a time—there is no limit! This allows your imagination to run wild.

All of these plug-ins are important when creating a 4D project. We hope that you were able to learn a little more about some of the products we enjoy and why we love them.



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