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Architectural Illustration vs. Architectural Visualization

Architectural Illustration vs. Architectural Visualization Have you ever browsed photos online and caught sight of a really beautiful home interior that looked too good to be true? Perhaps it had beams of light pouring in and reflecting off a glass […]

Form Explorations 7

Form Explorations 7           Art prints available at

Form Explorations 6

Form Explorations 6 Art prints available at  

Architectural Illustration Timelapse

Architectural Illustration Timelapse Design: Joseph L. Myers Architect Project: Fioritto Family Dental Illustrated by: Pete Maric Music: Sun Kiss by Ben Beiny

Form Explorations 5

Form Explorations 5             Art prints available at 

Form Explorations

Form Explorations | Jan 26. 2015 These pieces are from a new series I started that combines 3D visualization and illustration techniques using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. My process for these designs is simple: open Cinema 4D and start playing […]